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Company description


You have identified the ideal demographic that your business is geared to, whether it is age 18-34 college-educated single men in the northeast, or married women over 55 living in the south and who are homemakers. Now, you would love to get 200 people matching that demographic profile and ask them specific questions. You know that, armed with those answers, your business will have all the necessary tools to be successful right from the start. This information is now available to small businesses at an affordable cost with priceless results.


At AYTM, you will find a sophisticated Dashboard in your account for creating, deploying, managing and analyzing surveys. Despite its powerful features, you'll find the Dashboard to be easy to use and understand. The first step in creating a new survey is to give it a name and then define your target market, a subset of consumers based upon demographics that you choose. Your target market should represent the consumers you believe to be your ideal customer. When you ultimately deploy a survey, it will only be sent to members of your defined target market. After defining your target market, you move to writing your survey. AYTM will offer an intuitive interface enabling you to easily create standard and branched-logic multiple choice question surveys. All surveys are 3 to 5 questions long. We have found that short surveys like these are less likely to annoy or bore potential respondents. Because you have already defined your target market, questions do not have to be wasted trying to figure out the demographics of the respondent. Furthermore, because we will offer the option of branched-logic (coming soon) surveys, three question surveys can actually represent 31 different drafted questions, with only the relevant question served to the respondent based upon their previous answer. A five question survey, in the extreme, could have as many as 780 different questions in the background, ready to show each respondent a specific question based upon the prior response. As far as the respondent is concerned, they see only three, four or five questions per survey.


Open a free account now and start drafting the surveys you may wish to deploy!

Oh, by the way, did we mention that every question and every answer can have an associated image if you need to show the respondent a photo when asking them questions?

When you're ready, purchase the required number of credits needed to deploy your survey.There are no monthly fees and surveys can be deployed for as little as $29.95. AYTM is a 100% pay-as-you-go service. Once the survey is deployed, you can begin watching the results come in immediately. Please allow up to 72 hours for your requested number of respondents to have completed the survey.


After that time, if we have failed to deliver 100% of the number of respondents that you requested, at your option you can terminate the survey order or let it continue for as long as you like. If you terminate your survey, and at that point we have delivered more than 50% of your order, we will refund into your account a pro rata percentage of the unfulfilled order. The refund will be in the form of credits placed back into your account. If after 72 hours you terminate the survey, and at that point we have delivered less than 50% of your order, you get a 100% refund of the number of credits you paid, PLUS you get to keep any accrued data from the survey for free. At no time do we issue cash refunds.


As soon as you have respondents to your survey, you can begin to analyze results whenever you like. You will find the Analysis Module in the Dashboard to be intuitive and practical. Data can be analyzed in tables, graphs and charts. You're able to choose various chart types and filter options that will make the results most meaningful to you. Results can be downloaded as raw data, PDFs of color tables, graphs and charts, and you can share the data by e-mailing colleagues the supplied URLs.

Please take a few minutes to watch the demo video and learn how easy it is to define the target market, write a survey, deploy it and analyze your results.






Business model


Our target clients are small businesses, marketing agencies, researchers and students. As an American company, we are eager to level the playing field for our clients worldwide, making their lives easier, and helping to fight the economic crisis. We do this by delivering a long-needed service that used to be way too expensive for regular people, who have always been at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to market intelligence.

Until now, many people and businesses had to rely on things like intuition, gut feelings or even flipping a coin when making business decisions.

Now, with AYTM, you can create your own market research surveys in minutes using our simple self-service tools. You can send those surveys with one click to your target market, 24/7, without a contract or even a phone call. We let you select exactly the demographic segment of our consumer panel whose opinions you seek. All the people who will answer your survey are US residents and look forward to anonymously providing their honest opinion on your questions. You can watch your as your results come in and analyze the data through ourreport tool. Yes, it includes fancy charts and graphics that can be printed and shared with your colleagues. You own the data that we deliver to you and it always remains confidential. Best of all, it's inexpensive. Surveys start at just $29.95!

Everyone can now avoid the costly mistakes that hurt small businesses and enjoy the power of on-demand targeted market research. Let the power and wisdom of the crowd be with you!


Competitive advantage



, the web’sfirst market research tool with a built-in consumer panel is designed for thestartups, small businesses and entrepreneurs who couldn't afford marketresearch before. Surveys with 50 respondents start at just $29.95. You canwrite surveys, pay with PayPal and then with a single click, send them to theprecise demographic segment of the AYTM consumer panel that represents yourtarget market. In a matter of minutes results will start streaming in. Most ofthe surveys are completed in less than 24 hours. Robust yet easy to useinteractive stats page gives you many view options, retrospective filtering,export, share and print features. Target market research we all can afford SM.