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Ask The Doctor ®

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Ask The Doctor ®
Customized medical advice, directly from a physician.
Toronto, Canada Canada
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Company description

Ask The Doctor is a digital health platform accessible to any patient with an internet connection.

Recently, Ask The Doctor became an official partner of the National Institute of Health (NIH), publishers of PubMed. The question and answer data collected provides insight into how patients communicate their health concerns and has helped identify unmet medical needs internationally.

In 2016, Ask The Doctor reached the 5 million question milestone and continues to be the most trusted resource for personalized medical information and advice, servicing patients from nearly every country around the world.

Users can ask a doctor their medical questions to doctors in over 35+ specialties.

Business model

Ask The Doctor allows users to ask over 10,000+ physicians and specialists any medical questions and recieve a detailed answer within the same day.

With over 5+ million questions asked to date, Ask The Doctor has created the worlds largest directory of doctor-created knowledge.

Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage is that we are:

1. Invested in by some of the top board-certified doctors and specialists in Canada/USA

2. We allow patients to tell their story without being interrupted.

3. Creating the worlds largest directory of doctor-created knowledge along with questions in real patient language.