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Company description

Askablogr is an integrated blog question and answer (Q&A) service that:

  • Makes it easy for blog readers to submit questions to their favorite bloggers, while protecting the privacy and attention of the blogger
  • Makes it easy for bloggers to answer some questions and decline others (or permanently block certain questioners) without hurting anyone's feelings
  • Automagically publishes these Q&A exchanges to the blogger's blog
  • Creates a master index of all the participating bloggers, readers and Q&A sessions (with links back to the source blogs) to help readers find and participate in this new kind of blog conversation

How it works:

For Blog Readers

  • Click on the "Ask a Question" button on any participating blog
  • Type your question into the web form provided
  • Click submit (registration is required for first-time users)
  • When your question is answered, you'll receive an email notification
  • Your question and the resulting answer will be posted to the participating blog, with a copy saved to your Askablogr profile

For Bloggers

  • Install the Askablogr widget in your blog sidebar (registration required)
  • Receive questions anonymously (your email is not disclosed to the questioner) in your inbox
  • Reply to questions (or decline them, and even block individual questioners from asking more) using the web form provided
  • Your complete Q&A exchanges will be posted to your blog automagically (you retain full control of the content on your blog)
  • Copies of all of your Q&A exchanges are posted to Askablogr with links back to your blog

Business model