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ASK JESSICA KELLY for advice today. 
Get Real With Your Relationship and Dating Issues.

Isn’t it time to get the drama out of your life?

I provide honest, no-nonsense relationship advice and guidance. If I am not available leave a message and you will receive 1/2 off for a session with deals included. Chat with me today. I can promise you my advice is one of a kind.

I always work with customers on pricing. You can even suggest a price or extra free minutes.

It’s great to talk to friends and family, but sometimes getting an unbiased opinion is key. I am the ultimate "second opinion" in curing your relationship issues.


Degrees and qualifications:

Dating and Relationship Columnist for the Examiner.

Professional Advice Expert and Adviser. 
I have many featured advice articles published on numerous websites. My advice has received a high volume of positive reviews and feedback. To see examples of my advice go to my site:

Advice Blog:


I have been helping people solve their relationship issues and problems for over five years.

The foundation of my service is to provide you with honest, no-nonsense advice on how to help, heal or move on from a relationship. To begin with, I always make sure you get the real deal about your situation.

I never judge anyone, and I always look at your situation from your point of view.

If you are ready to get real in your relationship, and address your problems head on; I can be the other person who is fighting against this issue with you. I am a real person, who gives genuine, honest advice that is truly one of a kind.

I specialize in giving advice on relationships and dating, which I also write about on the, Examiner where I am the relationships and dating advice columnist.

I also specialize in the following topics:

• Dating 
• Cheating
• Infidelity
• Intimacy Issues 
• Long Distance Relationships
• Marriage
• Divorce 
• Break-ups 
• Suspicions 
• Relationship changes 
• Secrets 
• Relationship guilt
• Improving relationship quality
• Love 
• Friendships

Expert in psychology, sociology, and personal relationships.

Have helped over 100 people solve their relationship problems successfully.

Relationship Advice Expert, Freelance Writer, Published author, college student, and Relationship Advice Columnist.

I have published numerous articles and creative writing pieces on many websites, and have received strong positive reviews and feedback from my articles.


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