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Frank will be a political social networking site that will connect all people with their local, state and national politicians. Frank will change how the people interact on a daily basis with their government. In addition, the site will be unique in that it will contain detailed profiles of every House Representative, Senator and even the President -- something no other site on the internet does. The company is located in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Today more than ever, people are demanding true transparency and accountability from their government officials. People want to have their opinions and voices heard in order to create change in government, and there is no place on the web today for them to accomplish that.

Currently the only way to reach out to our politicians is to call them, email them, bump into them at a rally (and maybe get a chance to speak to them) or write them a letter. These forms of communication are ineffective. When people try calling their senator or congressman, the chances of getting through are slim. Politicians respond back to handwritten letters and emails with generic mass-produced responses.

Frank is not the first political social network on the Web, but we will be the first to change how people interact with government. There are dozens of networks available today, but not one of them makes communication between the people and politicians convenient or easy. For politicians to become a household name, they have to be able to connect to people the moment an issue arises that directly affects that particular person. They would also need to be a part of a community where members feel that they are in the driver’s seat. Frank is able to do this by giving the community the power to request participation from politicians, hold politicians accountable for their vote by telling them how they feel about a topic in a visual manner and by interacting with politicians and like-minded people in a forum that is conducive to productive conversation.

Barack Obama was the first nominee to reject public financing in decades. His staff understood the power of the internet and how to leverage it to Obama's advantage. Frank believes that a trend was being developed during this historic presidential race. Because of his success, more politicians will also reject public financing in the future, effectively making the sky the limit for online contributions.

Online contributions are one of the main sources of revenue for Frank. For all the services that we offer to the politician, we charge a 3-5% fee on all contributions donated to politicians through our site. According to a Pew report, 8% of Americans gave to political organizations from August 2007 to August 2008. Of those donations, 15% were online. Piryx (a donation engine) believes that 30 million Americans will donate online to political campaigns from 2010 through 2012. That’s $4 billion this election cycle. The growth in donating to a political party or candidate is expected to keep rising substantially for years to come. As technology becomes more user-friendly, ordinary people will feel more confident to donate to their favorite candidate or party. Frank will help people achieve this confidence.          

There are very few opportunities where you can have such a significant change in how ordinary people engage with government. Politics can be very overwhelming but with the development of the site like Frank, we will no longer have to be in the dark when it comes to issues that affect ourselves and our families. There are countries right now trying to pass legislation that limits or eliminates the spread of ideas from the people. We live in a country where we are free to speak our opinion, and we should have better ways to communicate our opinions to the politicians that serve us.