Arka Venture Labs

Arka Venture Labs
India's first B2B platform for helping entrepreneurs build and scale global startups
Angel group or VC
Palo Alto, California, United States United States
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Company description

Arka Venture Labs is a first of its kind platform for Indian B2B startups to establish and scale in the US. “Arka” in Sanskrit means a sun-beam - a guiding light we will provide to startups to scale up into the global markets.

We have three leading VCs - Blume Ventures, Benhamou Global Ventures, Emergent Ventures- as anchors providing not just seed and pre-seed capital but also mentorship, infrastructure and access to the Silicon Valley ecosystem critical for scaling up startups in the US.


“We help Indian enterprise startups overcome the ‘trust gap’ that exists between these India based start-ups and customers, investors and acquirers. We plan to make Arka Venture Labs an open platform to bring all the help we need in order to bridge this trust gap” says Yashwanth Hemaraj, investor at BGV and one of the founding partners at Arka Venture Labs.


Who can apply?

We are looking at startups with following criteria:

  • A B2B focused start-up
  • Market potential in the US and/or Europe
  • An MVP or paying customers
  • Strong and passionate team of founders with complementary skills
  • Unique differentiation with regard to product technology and innovation, and clear economic advantages


Who are the people behind the Arka Venture Labs?


What is the Arka vision?

The Arka vision is to create an increasing number of valuable B2B start-ups from India.


Why is there a need for Arka Venture Labs?

India has the right talent in terms of technology and execution. Indian startups have the skill sets to ensure their solution has a greater product advantage compared to their US counterparts using technology as an enabler. There are also economical advantages, as the cost of product development, digital customer acquisition, implementation and post-sales support is significantly lower in India than in US. However, US markets are much bigger, deeper with lesser sales cycles time, and more profit margins per deal as compared to India.


According to Radhesh Kanumury, CEO and Managing Partner of Arka Venture Labs, “Indian startups after operating three to four years in India and having established their client base here, start looking at how to approach the US market. Arka Venture labs tries to accelerate that presence in US, which is ideal for many B2B startups.”


What does Arka provide?

Arka Venture Labs draws from the strengths of its founding partners. A primer on each fund can be found here:


While Blume brings extensive knowledge and experience of the Indian Entrepreneurial ecosystem, BGV and Emergent provide deep operational experience in the B2B sector and cross-border investments. The partners have experience building enterprise companies and taking them public and scaling them globally, which enables them to actively engage with the portfolio companies. They also have a network of mentors in their Technology Advisory Circle and Sales and Marketing Network. Find out more about the BGV advisory boards:


Portfolio companies will receive mentorship from not only the Arka Venture Labs team and partners of the founding VC firms, but also from a diverse group of experienced professionals in India and US sharing go-to-market and technology perspectives.


Capital up to $200K USD will be provided. Working space in the Valley will also be provided for startups.