AppSocial Media, Inc.
Location: 1057 Homer St., Vancouver, Canada Canada
Founded in: 2009
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 6-15
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AppSocial Media, Inc.

Vancouver, Canada Canada
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Company description

The largest shift in consumer online behaviour over the next two years will be the shift from desktop dating to mobile dating. Tingle is well-positioned to ride the crest of that wave with TRULY mobile dating experiences such as location-based discovery, realtime messaging, voice and video chat, and more.  

No other mobile dating app has these features bundled together in one package. But that's not our only edge...



Business model

Tingle monetizes user behaviour with in-app purchases and activities.  We're also creating a hugely interesting audience for action-based marketing, allowing operators of bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs, shops, and other local businesses to tap into our network to create mutually rewarding experiences.

Competitive advantage

Web-based dating burns out users, the services aren't enjoyable, and there's no reason for users to engage routinely with them, so they spam.  Their business model is the problem because they monetize bad behaviour, exclusively.  Our business model leverages game mechanics. and creates rewarding engagement and disincentivizes corrosive behaviour.  Our features are unique enough to merit earned media opportunities.