Location: San Francisco, California, United States United States
Stage: Post-launch
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Think Global. Act Mobile.
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

AppOvation designs, develops, and markets mobile applications for the global iOS and Android markets.

AppOvation’s mission is to create high quality products that exemplify both aesthetic design and ease of use, all while inspiring the daily lives of users. AppOvation’s current mobile application suite includes five products that have spread across 40 countries worldwide.

With its next app, OOMA, AppOvation is focusing on the intersection of global news proliferation and social media.

Business model

The OOMA user experience will be entirely free and will be absent of advertising. Monetization for OOMA will come from:

  • Data Mining: Data, including user location, time and medium for consumption has a value add potential for both publishers and advertisers alike
  • API: We have the intention of eventually building an API with anonymized user data that captures readership details that are value-add for a wide range of customers
  • eBook Sales Commissions: As we reach critical mass, we intend to build a channel that provides users with a direct channel to purchase eBooks directly from their handset, earning a sales commission from the respective eBook vendors


Competitive advantage

OOMA:reads competitors fall into two buckets – mobile photo sharing applications and mobile news applications. Although each bucket of competitors shares a handful of similarities, there are no applications that effectively offer the intersection of literature and photo sharing that OOMA will be offering.

  • PHOTO SHARING: Path, Instagram, Color, picfx, picplz, etc. None of the apps listed have the contextual sharing feature that OOMA:read will have. Essentially, these photos are shared to a varying audience with no specific purpose.
  • NEWS FEEDS: Pulse, Flud, Reddit, etc. Each of the news apps listed are reliant upon third party networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, for sharing. OOMA:read’s strength is harnessed by the OOMA network. Essentially, the customizable feed will be even more relevant.