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Company description

At appliedVR, our vision is to drive positive behavior change to solve some of society’s most intractable problems by leveraging the unique attributes of immersive technology.

Born out of Lieberman Research Worldwide, a top-25 global marketing research firm, we help transform behavior through amazing VR experiences that are built on a deep understanding of underlying needs and motivations.

Applied VR offers an easy-to-use virtual reality content platform specifically designed for the clinical environment to aid patients with acute pain and anxiety management. 

In our "VR Pharmacy," we provide a broad and growing collection of validated VR experiences designed to accommodate a variety of medical conditions. Our unique experience with clinical VR allows us to target experiences to specific  patient needs, tastes and interests.

In orthopaedics, patients are using our VR platform as a distraction during local / regional procedures and rehabilitation exercises, as well as during painful/stressful in-office procedures. Additionally, pediatrics are using it for cast removals, IV placement, and sutures, as well as in the emergency department for anxiety and pain reduction.

The solution has been clinically validated, with studies completed at Cedars-Sinai (inpatient pain management / published in JMIR) and Children's Hospital Los Angeles (pediatric phlebotomy / pending publication), with additional studies happening at Cedars-Sinai, Cornell, Mayo Clinic, and George Washington University. In the completed studies, appliedVR's platform demonstrated a 24% reduction of self-reported pain in Cedars-Sinai and CHLA clinical trials, and 31% reduction of anxiety in CHLA clinical trial.

appliedVR is in nearly 100 hospitals, including Cedars-Sinai, CHLA, Boston Children's, Hospital for Special Surgery, Mount Sinai, UCLA and Inova.





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Business model

appliedVR offers an annual subscription for our validated therapeutic content platform, custom secure mobile interface, training, and support. The annual subscription is $1800/unit/year, and requires the purchase of a $800 VR hardware bundle. Our current customer is the healthcare provider (mostly hospitals).

We are exploring other business models, such as PPPM, one-time purchase, etc. for different segments of the market. We have a pilot with a major payer to address reimbursement and alternative monetization strategies.

Competitive advantage

We are an early market leader with first-mover advantag, as we continue to expand our distribution. Addtionally, we are securing early clinical validation behind content, are acquiring technical advantages (such as biofeedback intregration, AI, and platform capabilities), plus have access to data that allows us to better create and target content