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Convergent Media - Our Technology is meeting, Why aren't We?
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The first online portal, community, directory for creatives, innovators, corporate entities, sellers, buyers, intelligence sources, and more... in the emerging industry around TV applications and widgets. It's inevitable that TV and the Web will come together full force in a convergence that will easily open new doors for the web and mobile development communities due to ported platforms such as HTML 5, Apple, Android, Flash, EBIF and other existing technologies that will make up the future landscape on TV.

Join us at to help build the 'Mashable' for the next generation of convergent media. We are at heart, innovators, builders, creatives, and creators. If you are interested in funding,  building, consulting, constructing, speaking, advising in this space or even supporting us with an ad on this site - feel free to contact us.

Business model

Why should you hire us? Who are 'we'?

At we are curators of a fair chunk of market intelligence - we truly have a firm grasp on the emerging landscape. And this space will be an important one in the future. We know many key players and have a divergent network representing media from all sides of the convergence.

Read why here:

TV Applications and Widgets Market Worth over €1 Billion Euro by 2013
One Billion TV Apps Downloaded by 2015: GigaOM Analyst Michael Wolf

And we have built Social TV already - back in 2007, with the Twinners Platform which piloted on SuperRTL, RTL, SBS and TV Copenhagen in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. We are open source evangelists, and have built, designed, managed and led communities online as well as commissioning and been part of scores of applications and widget builds online. We have have concepted new formats around both augmented reality and social TV.

Who are we? A collective of like-minded folks - a strong network per se' - who share the same passion for innovation, creativity and building cool things for TV, The Web and Mobile Devices.

Just as social networking reshaped the online landscape I feel the same will come for television. The convergence of TV, internet and social media is an awesome model and we are right in the middle of it.

Forty years ago, the brilliant Canadian media theorist Marshall Mcluhan, the “patron saint” of Wired magazine, (who brought us Electronic Interdependence, The Global Village and The Medium is the Massage) metaphorically considered the TV to be an ‘electronic’ hearth – a collective centralized event for the family on the cusp of it’s appearance in the home 50 years ago. By the end of the millenium, TV’s peppered houses and became a more individual experience. In the USA, the average house now has 2.24 TV’s and 66 per cent of households have three or more TV’s.

It's clear that TV is about to become social again (says Forbes, The NYT, The BBC) and the Wall St. Journal) But who, what, when, where, why, how and how much? The questions have yet to be answered. Will the TV continue to evolve as an individual device in a new ‘TV Everywhere’ world? And just become part of a matrix of interactive devices available to each individual? We think it will and can do a lot of things.

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