Aperiomics, Inc.
Location: 45085 University Dr, Ste 305, Ashburn, Virginia, United States
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 16-30
Funding history:
- Date: 10/2018, Series A: $2 M (post valuation: $10000000).
- Date: 09/2017, Seed: $512 k (post valuation: $3512000).
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Aperiomics, Inc.

Identifying EVERY known infection in ONE test!
Ashburn, Virginia, United States
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Company description

Aperiomics is a precision pathogen testing company that is changing EVERYTHING about how infections are tested. Aperiomics’ Xplore-PATHO™ is a combination of deep metagenomic sequencing and proprietary bioinformatic analysis that can identify 35,000+ microorganisms in a single test. This cutting-edge technology is delivered as a service and detects pathogens of public health importance, satisfying the increasing demand for accurate and robust pathogen testing. Xplore-PATHO™ is delivered as a service and tests samples (human, animal, plant) for the presence of every known microorganism (bacteria, DNA virus, parasite, and fungi) in a single test. This platform technology has broad application across diverse markets such as clinical, agriculture, environment, industry, and veterinary. The impact of Aperiomics’ technologies is broad due to this unique approach to pathogen detection. Instead of blindly probing for a proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’, Aperiomics’ approach analyzes the entire ‘haystack’, harnessing the power of deep sequencing and bioinformatics to identify every ‘needle’. Xplore-PATHO™ is transformative and is changing pathogen identification forever.