AnywhereVault, LLC

AnywhereVault, LLC
We help you get your belongings back.
Oakland, California, United States United States
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Have you ever had your favorite things stolen from your car or home?

Have you ever suffered from a fire?

Have you ever had to recover from a tornado, hurricane, forest fire, or earthquake?

In every one of these situations you will be required from your insurance company and the police to list what was damaged, stolen, or competely destroyed. Will you be able to recall everything you once owned? The likelihood is that you will spend countless hours struggling to recall this information and in the end, will not be able to remember everything or prove ownership. In this scenario, you will lose the investment you put into your belongings and your insurance premium.


AnywhereVault was created to change this outlook by making it simple and easy to document your belongings with video and store it somewhere safe. Our user-friendly online system also encourages our users to inventory individual items with pictures and receipts. This more detailed approach will give you an insight into how much you have accumulated and will assist you in being properly insured. It is better to find out you are under insured BEFORE you need the policy than afterwards! Then you can still do something about it.

Business model

Competitive advantage

AnywhereVault's competitive advantages are:

  • Our site is simple and easy-to-use. It was designed using the feedback directly from our users, insurance agents, claims adjusters, and professional organizers.
  • We have the technical background on our team to guarantee our customers that we have used all possible measures to add security layers that protects their information.
  • We are SaaS, software as a service, with no tedious, expensive, large applications to install and with the ability to access and update your information anytime, from anywhere.