Location: 13 Fountain, Montreal, Canada Canada
Founded in: 2009
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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The missing link between shopping online and buying offline.
Montreal, Canada Canada
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Company description

AnotherSocialEconomy targets consumers who research online but prefer to purchase locally offline. We are the missing link between consumers who know exactly what they want, whereabouts they want to buy it and when they need it by with local retailers who don’t just carry the goods but actually have them in stock. We don’t require retailers to have product pages, inventory feeds, or, even a web site. All they need is an email address & the desire to always be closing (ABC) sales.

Business model

Consumers created Demand (highly qualified sales lead) for free and Retailers pay 1 token for each relative proposal they submit.

While tokens are sold for $1, we offer Retailers a free minimum balance of tokens per month to encourage their participation. Additionally, our business partners can purchase discounted tokens, which they are free to distribute/share as they please. Target partners would be membership associations - like used car dealers, golf associations, local chamber of commerce, etc. Basically anyone who may want to bundle our service with their membership services. Other potential partners include those already connecting consumers & retailers via media sales, such as newspapers, online advertising, radio, etc.

Competitive advantage
  • Founders share common vision
  • Founders collaborate & work independently, effortlessly
  • Founders are fully vested and non-funded for over one year
  • Founders deliver predictable results
  • Founders have transposed initial vision into executable code
  • Founders have been able to get others to share vision & contribute
  • Founders have reached out to others for advice & feedback, modified & enhanced user experience, pivoted on business model, but always remained true to initial vision. (ABC for both Consumers & Retailers)
  • Public API encourages extend vs tear down & rebuild
  • TechCrunch50 2009 Semi-finalist