Location: 280 Caldecott Ln., Oakland, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 01/2016, Seed: $250 k (post valuation: $2500000).
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Great idea and team

Igor is an experienced entrepreneur who has a crystal clear vision of what he wants to achieve. He is building powerful value propositions around communications, reporting and analysis that link Start-ups, Angels, Accelerators and VCs. Each party has powerful reasons why they want to be on Angeloop.

This is an idea which I can't believe isn't out there already. I've needed it in every company I've been involved with, one of those "so obvious I can't believe I didn't think of it" things. And their implementation is clean, simple, and viral. Love the team and can't wait to see this get out there more.

Angeloop has built very unique tool to provide value to both startups and private market investors within one platform. One of the biggest issues that private market investors face is being out of the loop on the startups they've backed. Angeloop has build many tools to close that gap and centerailze all reporting and communications in one place. Brilliant!



Secure and effortless collaboration tool for Startups, Angels, Accelerators and VCs
Oakland, California, United States United States

Secure and effortless collaboration tool for Startups, Angels, Accelerators and VCs.

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Company description

Secure, effortless, collaboration tool for Startups, Angels, Accelerators and VCs.

Angeloop offers startups business intelligence dashboards, cap table management tool and an easy and secure way to collaborate with their investors. 

Our investor users manage their private market portfolio and track any valuations changes, create reports and have a front row seat to their investments performance. 









  • Igor Feerer
    Igor Feerer | Founder
    I am a founder/operator, repeat entrepreneur, investor and a finance nerd.
  • Tim Boeckmann
    Tim Boeckmann | Founder
    Founder at Angeloop, helping startups and investors connect and de-risk investment.
  • Murid Rahhal
    Murid Rahhal | Founder
  • Milton Lee
    Milton Lee | Mentor
    All things helping each other succeed
Business model

Angeloop offers a ‘freemium’ service to both startups and their investors.

Premium subscription plans for Startups start at $49.99 per month, giving its users access to additional features.

Investors will have access to free or premium plans at $14.99 per month, giving access to additional investment tools. 


Competitive advantage

Angeloop helps founders, their employees and investors use actionable business and investment information.

The platform encourages communication among all startup stakeholders, offering time and cost savings for companies. This results in high premium customer lifetime value due to the quality and volume of data maintained by startups.

The relationship between startups and investors is highly networked, which consistently drives more referral sign-ups.