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Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group
"the art of learning to becoming and staying green though film and television."
New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Antonio Saillant, who lives in New York City, is the owner of Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group, a production company that gives inspired film makers the chance to make their dreams into reality. Entertainment has a new light, "Angel Light".

He formed his own company with the goal of developing films for a global audience. Saillant produced the fantasy thriller, “The Ascension” starring Corbin Bernsen.

In addition, he also worked on the film “Heterosexuals” produced by J. Robert Spencer, who played Nick Massi in “Jersey Boys” and Dan in “Next to Normal,” two great musicals. Future works from Saillant include a football drama entitled “The Golden Knights”, two comedies entitled “If” and “Pumping Up”, as well as thrillers “Wormhole” and “Gripped."

Mr. Saillant is currently shadowing the executive producer of Law and Order Special Victims Unit.

Saillant will be directing a documentary on The Legendary Canadian Hollywood Director, Ted Kotcheff.

Business model

Angel Light Pictures, L.L.C. is an independent film production company. The company specializes in developing and producing quality motion pictures, documentaries, Internet media and television/cable industries for worldwide audiences.

Company Background
The quality of the stories presented on film has deteriorated greatly over the years. The entire industry is searching for original ideas, but the search has yielded very little in the way of new and innovative story-telling. The major studios are producing either expensive high-tech films or remakes of previously released titles that have worked well in the past. It is left to the independents to fill the gap, and many have produced award winning and financially lucrative films. Films like Sideways, Napoleon Dynamite, Crash, and Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ come to mind as extremely successful films produced by independents with The Passion generating almost a billion dollars in gross income in 2004. Audiences who seek a moving and intellectual confrontation, as well as entertainment and unusual experiences. We encourage and help our clients to hold onto their visions while having to cope with the reality of the money-ruling world.

Competitive advantage

Angel Light Pictures was created to educate and inspire future artists that have that entrepreneurial sprit, raw talent, commitment and tenacity to create a career of longevity and mastery. The company has the artistic vision and with the goal of bringing the universal themes of friendship, integrity and goodwill to the big screen and to television for worldwide audiences who are tired of the stereotyped movie formula. Our many exciting projects are in assorted stages of development, from hammering out story outlines, to polishing scripts for the final go-ahead, to actually being shot and edited. This company will satisfy the needs of their clients/customers by producing and marketing there own creative work and ideas to distribution companies, other film production companies, the national television and cable networks and at every other opportunity that may present itself.