Next Generation Environmentally Friendly Super Strength Anti-Corrosion Coating Platform
Newark, Delaware, United States United States
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The Bay Bridge has been plagued by corrosion issues, and the Golden Gate Bridge has to hire 50 people continuous painting the bridge everyday. The expansive highway infrastructure maintenance already bankrupted the federal highway trust fund, and the funding gap expected to grow into 3.6 Trillion by 2020.

We have an award-wining solution that can save the federal highway trust fund from bankrupcy and lead to massive economical and environmental impacts.

Corrosion has been seen as unstoppable natural force, and the corrosion cost is one of the large cost of our economy, accounts for 3-5% of a country's GDP worldwide. Current technologies using toxic heavy-metals to provide high performance corrosion protection:  highter the toxcity better the anti-corrosion performance.

We developed the first anti-corrosion coating that corrosion seems cannot penetrate through even after world-record 13,000 of independent corrosion test, still no rusting or blistering. The corrosion test results indicated over 6X durability of the best anti-corrosion coating product on the market. This is also the firs heavy-metal free (green) high performance anti-corrosion coating by using our unique environmentally friendly conductive polymer nano dispersion to replace current heavy metal based anti-corrosion pigments such as chromate, lead, and zinc. This heavy-metal free anti-corrosion coating can prevent heavy-metal from paint to contaminate water, soil, and air. Heavy-metal used as anti-corrosion pigment already caused sever water contamination case patriated in the movie Erin Brochovich, and again in the recent Flint water crisis. AnCatt anti-corrosion technology will lead to massive economic and environmental impacts. It is hard to count the carbon foot print of the over $2 trillion annual direct corrosion cost, but the steel production alone produce 2.7 billion ton of CO2 emission a year. AnCatt was founded in 2008 in the founder's garage to pursue research interests. We had phenomenal independent laboratory test success, and we start to raise money in 2014 to build a scale-up facility. AnCatt anti-corrosion coating platform technology has received awards from leading organizations such as the American Chemical Society, the National Innovation Summit, the National Science Foundation, and NASA.

AnCatt received $40,000 grant award from the American Chemical Society. $150,000 from the National Science Foundation (NSF). AnCatt just received the NSF SBIR phase II grant award of $700,000 in April 2016 with a potential matching up to $1.5 million.