Location: Coppell, Texas, United States United States
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Referred by: 2017 Robot Launch

Anantak Robotics Inc.

Coppell, Texas, United States United States
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Company description

We build self-driving technology for material transport vehicles that operate in warehouses and factories.

Our first product is an autonomous tug used in e-commerce fulfillment warehouses. Online order fulfillment requires warehouses to ship a large number of small orders. Employees push/drive order-picking carts to fulfill these orders. Problem is, they spend 60-80% of their time in traveling inside the warehouse. This time is better spent in picking orders. We automate the carts so that they self-drive. This saves employee time and fatigue.

Out technology uses inexpensive sensors and machine learning to bring the hardware/software cost down, bringing the ROI to under 12 months. A video of our proof-of-concept and first version of our sensor unit is posted on the front page on Video of our warehouse prototype will be posted by December 2017.

We have focused on customer experience. There is no need for expensive 'software/hardware integration'. Customer buys the machine, starts using it manually. Within a few hours/days of usage, machines learn (a) the warehouse map, (b) the routes and (c) the driving policy. Customer can login to our Google-maps-like interface, check the maps and mark the stopping stations. This enables the Autopilot. Machines are then ready to self-drive in the warehouse.

From customer's perspective, key things about our technology are:
- No 'software integration / deployment' is needed. Customer buys and starts using.
- Even if autopilot gets confused, customer can manually drive the machines. Work does not stop.
- Employees are not 'replaced', they can pick more orders, earning more.

Our machines perceive the environment using several low-cost cameras, IMUs, and multiple other sensors . We do not use expensive laser sensors. Our first self-driving technology patent has been filed. A more detailed video of how machines perceive their world will be posted in October 2017. We are happy to demonstrate our technology under an NDA.

August 2017