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The assortment of Dunhill cigarettes consists of: Dunhill Major Leaf, Dunhill Fine Cut exhibiting within 3 options: Dunhill Fine Cut Azure, Dunhill Great Reduce Ebony along with Dunhill Fine Cut Darker Blue with the last series Dunhill King-size. All these discount cigarettes are generally produce regarding premium Virginia cigarettes, due to that particular they reassure a exceptional taste in addition to flavoring. Although about Dunhill Fine Cut series, it differs with the unique technique of cutting smoking cigarettes leaf. It could be cut 3 times thinner in comparison with within additional cigarettes. Moreover your current bundle regarding Dunhill Great Cut has a very attractive pattern, the result of a brand new nacreous consequence, embossing in addition to monogram regarding Dunhill structure at every tobacco utilize stick. Essentially the most effective slogan helpful to advertise this particular cigarette structure is: “Acknowledged to get the best cigarette in this particular planet. ”