Location: 601 William St., Oakland, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2013
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 04/2014, Seed: $25 k (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
Investors: Angela Jackson
- Date: 09/2013, Seed: $100 k (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
Investors: Yuri Rabinovich, Vadim Slavin, Angela Jackson
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Testimonials is driven by a great team - Portland Seed Fund was glad to be an early investor. is the first time you can connect with you fellow alumni around the world or in your city in order to tap the collective power of your alma mater or your grad/business school.


We Carry Each Other
Oakland, California, United States United States
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Company description

Overview: is a private network for alumni that enables them to crowdsource their dreams and questions and to receive help from their fellow alumni.

Alumni networks are strong networks where members share a sense of kinship and desire to 'pay it forward'. Today's alumni solutions, however, are complex and boring. Alumni are turning instead to Facebook and LinkedIn groups. But these platforms are not really designed to solve the needs of alumni: namely to identify relevant contacts, receive help or mentorship, and identify career opportunities. basically transforms alumni communities into networks of experts and connectors, bringing real value to networks of trust.

In addition, creates value for administrations by helping them manage their community (through premium features) and for HR (through HR accounts and paid job postings).

We launched in January with Columbia University alumni and have seen great growth rates (30% weekly growth) and engagement rates (over 150 questions answered; 30% MAU). 


Revenue Model & Market Opportunity: 

Users offer gifts to alumni who solve their questions in the form of either: A donation (to the alma mater or another non-profit) or a gift certificate. takes a 6% cut on each transacted reward.

There are over 490 million alumni with BAs in the world, turning the total addressable higher-edu. market for gifts to a potential of $1.3 billion.

Alternative revenue sources include:

• Subscription Fees - Admins pay a subscription fee for premium features.

• Commissions - Commissions on event ticketing and membership dues.

• HR - Headhunter accounts and paid job postings.


User Testimonials:

“I have an investor from Columbia Business School reading my script. I also met with a potential producer and another woman filmmaker - all as a result of the site!” Kieren van den Blink, Columbia University, Barnard College, BA ‘95 

“Thank you for your dedication that we not onlyresource share but that in doing so ourdreams come true.” Dayanara MarteColumbia University, School of Public Health, MPH ‘10

"Really love what you guys are working on. Think there's a huge need for a tool like this. Looking forward to connecting with you and others." Nick Mistretta, Columbia College '12





  • Pauline Cohen Vorms
    Pauline Cohen Vorms | Founder
    Co-Founder and VP Business Development of
  • Edoe Cohen
    Edoe Cohen | Founder
    Created 2 companies and sold one. Skilled product manager and team leader (previous Israel Defense Forces company commander). Columbia University and Kellogg MBA grad.
  • Ori Weiss
    Ori Weiss | Founder
    Co-founder & CTO of, coding since age 14. Fluent in Python, Node.js and Android.
  • Jonathan Adler
    Jonathan Adler | Team member
Yuri Rabinovich
Yuri is a serial entrepreneur, information systems architect, and a research scientist with experience in advanced research in information systems, event-based systems, scalability and distributed data processing.
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Ziv Yoash - Unconfirmed