Location: 11521 Potomac Rd., Lorton, Virginia, United States United States
Founded in: 1997
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Hi-Speed, Handheld Computing & Gaming
Lorton, Virginia, United States United States
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Company description
AlphaGrip, Inc. owns several patents on technology that doubles productivity on mobile phones, handheld computers, and controllers.  The Company also owns valuable trademarks including iGrip, XGrip, and other Grip-centric marks.  The company's objective is to grow its business by monetizing its intellectual property through sales of products incorporating its technology and by licensing its patents and trademarks to computing and communications companies. 


AlphaGrip technology could revolutionize the mobile phone market by eliminating the need to use a stationary desktop or laptop computer to get "real work" done.  The Company is currently designing the iGrip Phone which will allow a user to create text messages, emails, or whole documents ergonomically with 10-finger input at a rate of 60 words per minute, or play the most challenging video games, while standing, walk­ing, riding in a vehicle, leaning back in a recliner, or while lying in bed.

The Company is currently bootstrapping its growth and expects to break even in 2009.  It currently sells the iGrip Ergonomic Keyboard primarily by word-of-mouth over its website and on  The device looks and feels like a game controller yet has all the functionality of a keyboard and mouse.  It has received positive reviews by well-regarded online technology publications (, and has 2,500 customers in 30 countries, many of whom are die-hard fans (


  • Michael Willner
    Michael Willner | Team member
    Serial entrepreneur. Started Federal Filings in 1986 - sold to Dow Jones in 1989.  Started NewsTraders in 1997 - sold to NBCi in 2000.  Started AlphaGrip in 1997 - still building.  Owns several patents on a handheld, high speed i...
Business model
Licensing intellectual property and selling products that incorporate proprietary technology.
Competitive advantage
5 U.S. utility patents and several trademarks