Manage Opportunities, Not Spreadsheets.
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Productivity Analytics for Billable Organizations

Allocable can help increase profitability and productivity so you can spend more time focused on customers, opportunities and growing your business.

Why Allocable?

Allocable is cloud Business Intelligence (BI) software created to provide a complete view of your workforce and project productivity empowering you to turn information into actionable insight to optimize and forecast performance with more certainty.

Allocable’s productivity analytics can help trim out hours of time and effort analyzing reports, managing spreadsheets, and interpreting data to understand growth, capacity planning, project planning, and maintaining customer experiences. Allocable is software that allows you to integrate all your reporting into one place so that you can analyze the health of your company, projects, and people in seconds.

We help you solve the following questions.

BUDGETING | Do we budget our projects efficiently? – what’s our burn? – our profit?

PLANNING | Do we spend time on what we expected and planned for? – how accurate is planning?

FORECASTING | Do we forecast our workforce & project pipeline efficiently? – do we need to hire or sell more?

LEVERAGE | Is our workforce optimized? – fully utilized? – at full capacity? – profitable?






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SaaS, Business Intelligence, Time Tracking, Resource Allocation tool for enterprises of all sizes.