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Company description

Factories, machines, buildings, already use billions of legacy devices, capable to provide useful information and interactions. But "less than 1% of devices are connected today" (Cisco, Dec 2014) and "less than 1% of available data (from physical devices) is used" (McKinsey, May 2015). 

Alleantia solves the three key problems for effective Industrial Internet of Things deployment: connectivity, interoperability and complexity. Alleantia makes industrial device 'smart and connected', plug&play, in seconds, for creating the Industrial IoT for any Enterprise, integrating with any application. Our 'semantic middleware' enable

Alleantia XPANGO technology makes any device IoT- and Web-ready in seconds, creating a common semantic enabling the use of device information and control without specific knowledge of the used technology (protocols, specification etc.). For each device type its 'XPANGO driver' makes its connection to applications and Web fast and easy, like connecting a printer to a PC. Drivers are collected in the Library of <Things> that has already 3500+ device drivers the largest worldwide.

Alleantia IoT Gateways connect devices, add intelligence, creating 'device avatars' supporting multiple concurrent applications through different APIs (REST, Modbus, FTP, proprietary plug-ins). Our platform creates a powerful middleware to integrate any kind of device to any Enterprise application.






Awards and Mentions
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    Alleantia was finalist at Leweb Paris Dec2012 and at European Venture Summit Berlin Dec2012; was finalist at Pioneers Wien Oct2013, at Webit Istanbul Nov2013, at Slush Helsinki Nov2013, won Italy-UK Springboard Milan Nov2013, won Italian Venture Forum Turin Nov2013, was finalist at European Venture Summit Düsseldorf Dec2013, at Barca Starta Barcelona Feb2014 and at Venture4i Grenoble May 2014 and is finalist at Internet World London June 2014
  • Business model

    Primary products in scope include: 

    - Industry 4.0 Verticals(IoT SCADA SERVER + Application Packs + Cloud Apps.)

    - Industry 4.0 Middleware + IoT GATEWAY

    Alleantia B2B-only go-to-market strategy is through Partners. 

    Partners are of different kind:

     - System Integrators: Large SI and specialized VARs that will use Alleantia solutions (Industry 4.0 middleware) within large and complex projects in large and mid-size organizations

    - Solution Partners / OEMs : Enterprise software, SaaS and industrial automation vendors that will use Alleantia solutions (embedded, combined, integrated with) to provide complete Industry 4.0 solutions to end customers.
    - Distributors: Resellers of Alleantia off-the-shelf products to integrators/ installers/maintenance customers
    Competitive advantage

    Alleantia main competition comes from system integrators providing ad-hoc developments for integration of devices and machines to IT applications and IoT Platforms. 


    A secondary competitor is found in vertical markets where specialized vendors focus its efforts in providing vertical solutions including some 'IoT features'. 

    Carla Bertuzzi
    More than 10 years cross-industry marketing experience at international level, with special expertise in technology, software and professional service industries | Project Management | Strategic and Tactical Planning | Roadmap Strategies | New Pr...
    Alberto Giusti
    Alberto has more than 14 years of experience as Strategy Manager and CEO of internet firms. He has worked/financed as business angel several internet companies in UK, IT, CH.
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