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Need to proof your large business website for typos? Need to expend a minimal amount of time and effort? Have a website with complex terminology?

This service specializes in handling such content.

Media content such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, forums, product and service documentation as well as large books can also be processed by this service. This service produces results when others produce hundreds of unrecognized words that should be in their dictionaries or identified as correct through context based spell checking.

Identify emerging trends and top VIPs in blogs and forums using the content topic phrase data mining feature provided at no additional charge.

Did you know that mistyped words on your website impact your Internet search engine ranking on sites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo Search?

Many organizations with business websites spend hundreds of dollars on advanced SEO tweaks in an attempt to improve their search ranking, but fail to ensure their website content is free of typographical mistakes. A reduced search engine ranking impacts the number of visitors to your website and thus impacts your bottom line.

Typos impact your organization's reputation and credibility. Many websites state that user trust is a major consideration, but at the same time are littered with typos.

This service also provides fundamental SEO quality assurance checks for your website; creating a one-stop service for all your fundamental SEO needs. This means there is no need to use a separate spell check and SEO service.


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