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Rochester, New York, United States United States
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Company description

AllAccess.US is a Green Directory that makes businesses more accessible, and lets users access the info they want, the way they want.  Users can SCAN LOGOS to access a brand's information, such as Menus, Deals, Hours, Directions and more. They can also scan QR Codes, or search by Name, or browse by Categorie.

The iOS AllAccess.US App offers accessibility features as well. Talking Menus can be read out loud and to users who are Blind or have Low-Vision.  Spoken Orders can be read out loud to waiters on behalf of users who are Deaf or Non-Verbal.

AllAccess.US' REVEAL A DEAL is a fun way to get deals via a virtual 'scratch off' without businesses losing money to Groupon.

Businesses can promote their own logo instead of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.  Their "Logo Comes Alive" and becomes an up-to-date menu, discounts, directions, hours and more.

AllAccess.US is the evolution of the Internet. Instead of Google Us, Follow Us, Like Us, Watch Us, Pin Us, etc., businesses can say "Access Us"

50% of AllAccess.US clients are restaurants, but an equal number are retailers and service providers.  There is a great opportunity to revamp how users access business info at home or while traveling.




Awards and Mentions
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    AllAccess.US won "Best Investment" at the High Tech Rochester LaunchPad event
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    AllAccess.US won Best Mobile App at the first ever Rochester Startup Weekend in 2012
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    Awarded the "Rising Star" award at Digital Rochester's GREAT Awards, 2013, for AllAccess.US
  • Business model

    AllAccess.US is a FREE app for iPhone, iPad, and Android, and mobile web site. Millions of businesses are included in our Green Directory, for free.  There are fees to make their Logo scannable, and to customize what buttons appear when their brand is accessed.

    Competitive advantage

    Our focus on accessibility makes the app easier to use for everyone, including the sighted and verbal. Instead of struggling to learn an app or website's interface, AllAccess.US makes it easy to get the information a user wants.  Scanning logos (not just QR Codes but actual logos) is a novel way to leverage branding.