Alertgy Inc
Location: to be updated, Melbourne, Florida, United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Alertgy Inc

Melbourne, Florida, United States
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Company description

Alertgy uses a non invasive sensor in a wristband that is smart phone enabled to continuously monitor peoples blood glucose levels, provide levels and trend on demand and alert them and or loved ones / caregivers if levels go to low or high.

Business model

Initially the Alertgy primary market will be the 22 million type 2 diabetics in the US that desperately need our technology. The manufacturing, fulfillment, and sales elements of the Alertgy business are fully scalable using best practices in OEM manufacturing and distribution. The Alertgy GM will be sold B to C through the internet and B to B to health care organizations and drug store chains. Alertgy is using a subscription model at a monthly rate of $100.00 per unit. The monthly cost of providing that service is projected to be under $35.00, this includes the cost to manufacture, package and distribute. A 10% market penetration of the US Market will generate $1 billion dollars in recurring revenue, at the end of our second year to market. With a total investment of under $ 50 million dollars the Alertgy ROI will occur before the end of its first year to market. With this level of funding we can get to market in 30 months. At that time an IPO can raise additional capital to accelerate market penetration in the US and pursue the global market, pre-diabetics, and the quantifiable self-sector. With precedence set by a similar previously approved device

Competitive advantage

We have the only truely noninvasive continuous blood sugar monitor and alert system in the world. Just like a MRI uses a strong magnetic field to look into the body and produce spectrums of the body, Alertgy uses a very weak electromagnetic field generated by its wrist band sensor to look into the body to produce a spectrum that provides an accurate measurement of the amount of blood sugar present in the wrist area of the body. The core sensing technology used by Alertgy, dielectric spectroscopy, has been clearly demonstrated and documented in numerous academic publications to be capable of measuring blood glucose, non-invasively, in a laboratory environment. The system uses proprietary and patented dielectric materials and signal processing to significantly enhance performance in both selectivity and sensitivity for the blood glucose measurement. The founders of Alertgy have successfully demonstrated these technologies for several other applications for DOD missions in the past.