AKOTA Technologies, LLC

A breakthrough software tool which prioritizes textual material using human-like reasoning!
Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States United States
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It is a well-known fact that analysts and researchers are struggling with information overload. They have an overwhelming task to filter through thousands of documents, find the right information, analyze it, and create an “actionable intelligence” product to deliver to the decision makers. It is also a well-known fact that 80% of the information they process is irrelevant to their task.

In the past few years many text analytics tools have emerged to assist researchers and analysts. Information extractors, summarizers, information visualizes, and sentiment analyzers to name a few. These tools help to sift through mounds of information and find “needles in haystacks”, and yet an analyst still has to read the most relevant documents in order to make the final analysis/recommendation on their findings. 

Imagine the time and the effort that can be saved, if an analyst could know which documents (out of thousands) are the most relevant and worthy of reading, and which he/she can skip.

That is where AKOTA comes in. AKOTA rates documents based on what is relevant to the task at hand and to the analyst who is reading these documents. Please note that what is important to one analyst in the same collection of documents may be less important, or unimportant, to another. AKOTA allows an analyst to create and tailor their own rules of what is important and what is irrelevant, and quickly rate volumes of documents based on these rules.   After using AKOTA, all the analyst needs to do is examine the top-rated documents.

AKOTA can be run standalone, but it can also function as an addition to Text Analytics tools and Sentiment Analysis tools, picking up where they left off.  AKOTA uses Compsim’s KEEL Technology to allow an analyst to rate the documents using intelligent reasoning.