Aifred Health

Aifred Health
Helping more patients with depression get better faster with the power of AI
Montreal, Quebec, Canada Canada
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Aifred Health is a Montreal medical technology startup that is bringing precision medicine to mental health. We are creating a clinical decision aid for physicians that will harness the power of artificial intelligence to help select the optimal treatment for patients with depression. 

Globally, depression affects over 320 million people and is the leading cause of disability. While a range of effective treatments do exist, patients’ responses to treatments are exceptionally heterogeneous, which leads to a prolonged time to recovery and the high incidence of side effects. Clinicians thus essentially employ a “guess and check” approach that often requires multiple attempts to identify effective treatments.

By predicting the best treatment for an individual with depression based on their personal patient profile, we can reduce the time and stress burden which currently accompanies the search for an effective treatment, as well as significantly reduce healthcare costs for society.