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Aglepie is a new Interactive Research & Search engine where researchers can be creative with links and embedded codes and searchers get a unique interactive search experience.



7 ways to use Aglepie

1) You can create powerfull research pages for yourself or friends. You can then send your friends the link to the page. For example: click here
2) You can search for PiePages created by you or others. Our search page: click here
3) You can create super apps to embed on a website or Facebook page. For example: our Facebook page
4) You can create a sitemap with all the links of a website. For example: click here
5) You can make money by using affiliate links, by creating PiePages for others or by promoting your business. For example: click here
6) You can promote your websites. For example: click here
7) By creating a PiePage you can increase visits to your websites. You'll also be able to track directly on your PiePage how many of our visitors have clicked on your links, or sprinkles. For example: click here