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Company description

ADZILLA new media, a privately-held company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, has pioneered ZILLAcasting, a new online content management and distribution system that takes precise audience targeting and applies it to the world’s most powerful medium: the Internet.

Developed by ADZILLA over the last three years, ZILLAcasting technology enables direct-to-viewer, in-browser content placement. This is done without the need for any
end-user downloadable software, cookies or spy ware. Because it is designed to work within existing service provider networks, the technology achieves unprecedented access to consuming audiences. As such, it will enable ADZILLA to build a worldwide network of Internet viewers who receive more targeted, relevant information, ranging from simple banner ads to streaming video and movies. This ubiquitous content management tool will personalize the Internet, making it more valuable to advertisers, media companies, service providers, content providers and, ultimately, the individual Internet user.

With ADZILLA, advertisers now have the capability to deliver customized, demographic, geographic, behaviorally targeted content and advertising to a precisely focused, interested audience.

Service providers (ISPs) can now get paid to deliver the right content at the right time to the right audience.

Content providers and web publishers can place ads and content uniquely customized to individual viewers, increasing the value of their real-estate.

And most of all, for everyone who surfs the internet, ADZILLA offers the enhanced browsing experience of being able to filter content, eliminate viruses and protect identities.

Business model