AdventureLink Travel Inc.

AdventureLink Travel Inc.
The Airbnb for experiential travel!
Altadena, California, United States United States
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Company description

AdventureLink Executive Summary

  • Adventure travel represents the last major travel category for automation and is a $89 billion dollar market and growing -
  • Growing demographic of baby boomers that are actively seeking out these types of experiential travel opportunities
  • Distribution partnerships with major online and traditional travel agency channels
  • Highly proprietary technology platform with over $8m invested, representing 4 years and over 28,000 man hours of development
  • Management and technical teams in place
  • Cash flow positive by August of 2012 with 10 affiliates live
  • Long-term exit most likely through an online travel company


Awards and Mentions
Business model

Wholesale (25% avg. agreements) + lead generation ($20.00 per qualified lead)

Competitive advantage

The online platform that efficiently aggregates tour operators and distributes to a variety of tradiitonal and online affiliate partner web sites.