AdSoft Direct, Inc.

AdSoft Direct, Inc.
Danville, California, United States United States
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AdSoft Direct provides local marketing automation software and services to help large brands with many locations across the country coordinate personalized, local marketing campaigns consisting of direct mail, email, search, social media, traditional media and events.

We perform the heavy lifting in the streamlined, day-to-day execution of marketing campaigns so that marketing departments and their agencies can continually focus on "the next big thing."

Our technology can make a three-man marketing department operate like a Fortune 500 powerhouse by providing web-based Marketing Centers to the local offices, retail locations, sales partners, and agents that are on the ground every day forging personal relationships and driving new sales. All the while, the corporate mothership can maintain complete oversight and brand compliance thru robust workflow controls and reporting systems built for the enterprise.

Boasting a couple marquee clients including JP Morgan Chase and Costco Automotive Program, we may be a lean startup but there's certainly no shortage of highly-competitive features and resources that enable us to acquire, retain and manage premier brands of any size.

Awards and Mentions
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    Upon the original inception of the business concept dating back to 2005, Chris Miller wrote the AdSoft Direct business plan as his senior project. Competing against 28 University teams, AdSoft Direct came in first place and later went on to drive over a million dollars revenue in its first year and had a ~$4.9M valuation by the year end 2007.
  • Business model

    We charge a nominal setup fee to create a brand's Marketing Center. And a nominal monthly fee to enable access to the application, provide ongoing training and customer service, application updates, and reporting for marketing programs/campaigns that might exist outside of our services. But the bulk of our revenue is generated by setting up and executing the campaigns for our clients. We comingle campaigns on the back-end across all of our clients in order to receive the best possible volume pricing from our vendors which in turn makes the pricing we charge to our clients competitive across the board, and highly profitable for us.

    Competitive advantage

    By not directly operating any of the channels of production ourselves, we are not subject to the whims of changing trends, mediums, social networks, technologies, vendors, mobile apps, traditional or other digital marketing channels. Our company is adapative by definition in that adding support for new channels and discontinuing others can happen rapidly. Indeed, our relationship with a brand often outlast the very agencies, staff members, and marketing mediums with whom we interact on a daily basis over the course of serving our clients. But we always remain on as that glue that holds all of the different pieces of the marketing puzzle together. Between our robust reporting and enterprise features as the central hub for all things marketing, the switching costs associated with moving away from our product are astronomical and there is almost no way to do so without at least a degree of loss or missed insight on behalf of our clients. Also, since we are not directly providing marketing services ourselves, our primary focus is on providing the best possible user experience from the perspective of the end-user whereas most marketing service providers view their front-applications as more of an "order entry" system for their service rather than a marketing center tailored to the complete 360 degree needs of an entire marketing deparment and its related users/stakeholders.