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The Native SSP for Publishers
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

A single line of Javascript to boost revenue from direct sold and backfill partners.

Our platform enables publishers to create and run native ad formats (like InFeed ads) across their desktop and mobile experiences. 

Publishers use our technology to either sell campaigns directly to advertisers or leverage our exchange to create a real time auction for their inventory. 


We help you sell direct and manage multiple sources of backfill without having to lift a finger.


We support all of the iAB’s standard native formats, and let you track them all with clear and easy-to-use reporting.


See what ehe most powerful javascript in native advertising can do for you.


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Business model

CPM Fee charged to the publisher for native ads served

Competitive advantage

Our competitors are taking an ad-network approach. We do not want to guarantee CPMs and arbitrage with advertisers. Our strategy of providing a SaaS platform allows us to add premium publishers as customers. We do not have 'contractual locking' of their inventory, but we have 'transactional locking'. Going forward, we will bring brand dollars to this premium inventory and make higher margins.

Jim Fulton
Partner at Cooley