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Miami Beach, Florida, United States United States
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At AdMobilize, we are innovation in action. As a technology-driven enterprise, we are consistently developing new software that is guaranteed to bring a paradigm shift to the advertising industry.

When it comes to advertising, the rules have changed. We saw an opportunity to reshape the way brands and consumers connect through mobile, on the go, Out-Of-Home Advertising. We are bringing a new perspective to this evergreen industry.

At AdMobilize, we provide brands with a dramatic rethink of Out-Of-Home Advertising. AdMobilize brings the validated online digital advertising model to the physical world. In addition, it allows everyday consumers to become a marketing touchpoint and earn income advertising. Our pioneering AdPlatform™ allows for you to quickly and easily pinpoint your target audience and reach them where they are.

  • Take online metrics to the offline world with AdMetrics™
  • Use brand ambassadors to create new levels of value and exposure
  • Easily create and manage campaigns
  • Receive real-time data tracking
  • Use customized segmentation to target desired demographics