Location: San Ramon, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
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sure beats going to the doctor
San Ramon, California, United States United States
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Company description


We get bombarded with information on a daily basis but there is no one place to go where you can get information about healthy eating. People are looking at living a healthier lifestyle by incorporating more varitey of enriching foods into their diet or looking for foods that will help in alleviating illnesses they may have. At the same time, the explosive growth of mobile devices indicates that the time spent on mobile devices will soon exceed PCs. People will be looking to get the information they need more and more on their mobile devices.
aDailyApple is a mobile app that provides high quality digital content about 1 good food or ingredient every day.  You can find out how much you know about the food/ingredient through a quiz or just get information about the food, its history and interesting trivia, how it can benefit you and even find some easy to make healthy recipes that help you incorporate these enriching foods into your every day meals. The foods we feature could be more commonly consumed foods such as artichokes, asparagus, oats and watermelon or more uncommon foods such as quinoa, miso, nori or garam masala. These are foods that are easily available and will help you stay healthy, lose weight, get more energy, fight high cholesterol, heart decease, cancer, diabetes and host of other ailments.

In addition to the featured food/ingredient of the day, with the free app, you can see what foods were featured over the past week. You can also search for foods and recipes and even search for terms such as diabetes or fiber and it will pull up all the foods that exhibit those attributes. You can also add upto 10 items of your favorite foods, recipes or videos to your favorites folder. We will also have a paid app which will have no ads and will enable you to add unlimited foods to the favorites folder, sync up your favorites on the app with your favorites on the website, and have a full search capability.

While in the app, you can easily share information with your friends. You can email them recipes or information about these healthy foods or share it with your facebook friends or even tweet your followers.
The app will first be available on Iphones at the end of May 2011 followed by the Adroid platform in July 2011.


Business model


The free version of the app will have space to display ads through iAds (Apples ad platform) or Admob (Googles ad platform). As users go through various pages of the app, ad impressions will add up. There is also the potential to sell ads to retailers in the food industry directly or partner with them and put up their ads on the app.
We will charge $1.99 for the paid app.


Competitive advantage

We have the first mover advantage in that we are the first app in the healthy eating space bringing together digital content in various forms- inlcuding information, health benefits, videos and recipes to consumers in a unique format.