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AdAdapted Inc

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AdAdapted Inc
Leading mobile advertising solution for driving CPG trial and repeat purchases.
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States United States
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Company description

AdAdapted’s mobile ad platform is focused on driving brand awareness and purchases for CPG brands.

  • High performance native advertising platform for mobile apps that drive path to purchase

  • Specializing in context-relevant ads that drive recall, engagement, and purchase intent

  • Add-It: Industry’s only ad solution that helps consumers build mobile grocery lists which drive in-store conversions 

The Importance of the List:

  • 38% of Millennials and 26% of Gen-Xers build their shopping lists on their phone (Supermarket News)

  • 100MM+ grocery list apps have been downloaded. Delivery, Curbside, and other innovations will increase growth.

  • 98% of Millennials say they buy all or most of the items on their shopping list (Santy Research)


  • Pay-for-Performance: Only pay when your product is added to a shopping list
  • Reach: Connect with your audience anywhere; works no matter which grocery list app they use
  • Insights: Know what grocery app they use, who added your products, when, and what other products they’re purchasing
  • Performance: We handle the targeting, tracking, reporting 

How it Works

  1. AdAdapted finds consumers with shopping lists installed on their device
  2. Serve co-branded ads, across mobile landscape
  3. User clicks ad, favorite list app opens
  4. User can see item has been added
  5. User can return to their original content








Awards and Mentions
Business model

AdAdapted has two methods of revenue:

  • Cost per List Add – Brands pay only when a user adds an item to a list.
  • Impressions – Brands pay every time an ad is shown to a user

Once a brand has chosen a path, we target users in a variety of channels, from social, to in-app, and mobile web.  For publishers, we pay them for any media run within their apps, as well as co-branded media ads that drive app awareness, engagement, and downloads.

Competitive advantage

AdAdapted has been working with independent shopping lists since 2014.  Since then, we've been tracking people's digital shopping list and have learned when people are building their lists, what they're adding, and when they go shop.  We have also have been running ads that lead users to add items directly to their digital shopping lists since early 2015.  We have a set of 6MM unique users in the US, that we are able to re-target within the mobile ecosystem.  Finally, we've been working with the major CPG brands, such as P&G, Nestle, and Chobani.