ACN (EGG Networks)

ACN (EGG Networks)
Plan B for Entrepreneurs
Burnaby, Canada Canada
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Company description

ACN (EGG Networks) levels the playing field for ANYONE who wants to own and build a viable business. It is a chance for you to earn immediate income and build a residual income to pay you and your family for years to come. All it takes is one small step to get started – an easy step, which ironically is the hardest for most. You must decide to take a chance – not on ACN (EGG Networks) – a chance on YOU!

The first step to start any new business opportunity defines you as a leader! Like many, you may not yet see yourself as a leader. You may not yet realize with ACN (EGG Networks) you have the perfect business opportunity and personal power to financially impact and enrich your life and the lives of others. Nonetheless … both are true.

There is a great leader in each of us. Leadership is not about charisma, intellect or personal performance. Leadership is about a “shared vision of something better” with commitment and unwavering belief that vision can and will be realized. True leadership is about acting with integrity and pouring yourself into the success of others.

I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of thousands of people, who considered themselves ordinary, to unleash the power of the extraordinary. Simple and easy-to-follow systems and strategies I have developed over decades can and will help you easily achieve your financial goals with ACN (EGG Networks).

Business model
ACN provides value and choice to consumers while also providing Independent Representatives with an opportunity to form their own home-based businesses. Whatever your dream might be, whether it's more time with family, more financial security, or simply more fun, ACN can help you achieve it.
Competitive advantage
Relationship Marketing for Competitive Advantage. We rely on word of mouth advertising and bypass traditional marketing -- Mass Mailing, Media Ads and Telemarketing.