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Helping you store what matters most!
Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States United States
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Enter tiny pieces of information about your life in seconds as life happens, from any location, any device and at anytime - then watch the magic happen!  AboutOne ensures you are prepared - not only in an emergency, but also to help you with everyday activities - holiday card lists, monthly newsletters, baby books, scrap books, college applications, care giver instructions and even a capital gains review for your taxes.....at the same time we look after the security and technology so you don't have to!  Imagine being able to gift your children with all the information they need about their lives.....

AboutOne is a fun, private and secure online service that helps you quickly enter, track and organize all of your personal and household information across 12 Aspects of your life, including Family, Contacts, Education, Possessions, Fun, Health, Goals, and more. 

In the event of an accident, career change, divorce, death, birth, tax submission or other life event, AboutOne enables you to find what you need in seconds, from any location at any time. It also automates the sharing of select information with family members and friends. AboutOne also ensures that your records are protected and safe, should disaster strike.

Aboutone has a unique way of gathering your information which helps you save time, save money, preserve memories and make informed decisions.