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Company description

The Aatonomy platform brings technologically un-savvy companies into the future by enabling them to rapidly test and deploy computer vision and machine learning capabilities, without needing in-house experts in these fields.

Business model

Our first customers are toy companies that make cheap drones in the $100-300 range. They use our platform to enable their drones to autonomously follow a person using only a camera feed (no GPS or beacons). See the provided video for a demo from our most recent client integration in Shenzhen; the drone shown was previously completely unintelligent, and now, like magic, it can follow the user around (note: no obstacle avoidance at this time).

That's $1k drone technology, but we have it working on $100 drones by doing all our computer vision computation on the users smartphone. With our technology, our customers can double their gross margin.

We have 6 POCs in progress, which means we're showing our clients the technology working with their own products as the last step in our sales cycle, representing 1.4M drones sold per year; converting those POCs would represent about $5M in annual revenue. Plus we have 4 additional LOIs signed with other manufacturers. We charge our customers several dollars for every drone they make, and our typical customer makes between 100k-300k compatible drones per year. 

Competitive advantage

We have a very different long-term philosophy than most robotics companies. We know that hardware gets commoditized incredibly quickly, and we recognize that our CV algorithm will be obsolete within 18 months (max). When that happens, we’ll welcome it – and sell the new, improved solution to our existing customers, ensuring their continued success. 

Since neither hardware nor algorithms can provide a sustainable competitive advantage, we designed our company to sit at their intersection, where there will always be a need to integrate the new algos with the hardware. Long term, that’s how we scale to offer a wide variety of solutions to every un-sexy industry, and how we ultimately become the autonomous intelligence standard for every robot in the world.