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Company description

ZoomInfo is the mostcomprehensive source of business information on people and companies in theworld. ZoomInfo is used by sales and marketing professionals to find leads,recruiters to uncover talent and by business professionals to find detailedinformation on people and companies. ZoomInfo’s semantic search engine gatherspublicly available information from the Business Web – millions of companywebsites, news feeds and other online sources – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,then automatically compiles it into easy-to-search and easy-to-read profiles.ZoomInfo currently has profiles on more than 45 million people and 5 millioncompanies, and its search engine adds over 20,000 new profiles monthly. 

More than 6 million people search www.zoominfo.comevery month. And over 3,000 customers, including Yahoo!, Microsoft, Oracle,PepsiCo, and 20% of the Fortune 500, subscribe to ZoomInfo’s premium serviceproducts. ZoomInfo is privately held and based in Waltham, Mass.


Information on ZoomInfo is also available on Twitter ( @zoominfo ) and Follow the Lead Blog ( http://zoominfoblogger.wordpress.com/ ) where one can find further discussion and counsel on B2B sales and marketing issues. 

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