Zeel, Inc.

Zeel, Inc.
People Powered Advertising
Pleasanton, California, United States United States
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Company description
Zeel is a social media company that motivates and rewards consumers for promoting their favorite products and brands to each other. We offer brand managers and agencies a structured way to energize and track word-of-mouth marketing across multiple modes of communication (email, IM, video, social networks, text/mobile). By harnessing the creativity, insights and aggregate reach of "socially interactive" consumer, Zeel delivers 10x the marketing ROI of most other online marketing channels.
Business model
Zeel generates revenue by offering an integrated suite of marketing solutions for an advertiser's promotional campaigns and media buys. Our pricing model includes campaign set-up fees and CPM/CPA based distribution.
Competitive advantage
In our initial stage of development, Zeel will compete with interactive online agencies ranging from Organic, Inc. to small "mom-and-pop" agencies. In user-generated video advertising specifically,  we compete directly  with XNLTads and Vitrue. We see YouTube more as a distribution channel than a competitor. What differentiates Zeel from all of the above is that we are building multiple web properties based on our "word-of-mouth" methodology.