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Company description

Clear is a Wireless Mobile High Speed Internet Delivery Company
that is the next form of communications to hit the market. It is
owns the rights to a technology called Wimax. Clears Services are
deployed over an ever growing network of pre –existing cell phone
towers. Each tower emits an overlapping WiMax Signal to provide
users under that signal a rich high speed mobile internet

Clear is 51% owned by Sprint Nextel and is being implemented over
their cell phone towers as we speak. More than 80 new markets like
Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas are some of the markets already
online. Some of Clear’s Partnerships include: Google, Intel, Bright
House Networks, Motorola, Comcast and Time Warner.

Currently the Federal Communications Commission has pledged to
“Unleash” 4G Mobile Broadband Spectrum said TG Daily and<br>
The Federal Government has set more than $7 billion in the

Broadband Expansion Act to assist in the development and
deployment of this new high tech grid, due to the growth of Green
Jobs and the capabilities as a low cost global communications.
Private Industry is also behind this massive roll out of new mobile
technology as in reflected by this recent press release for Clear
Corporate.  Clearwire to Raise Over $1.5 Billion to Continue
National Expansion of 4G Mobile Internet Services


Comcast cheered on 4G wireless partner Clearwire during a conference call to address Comcast's announced acquisition of NBC Universal on Thursday. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said that Clearwire has raised enough money after an additional round of funding that it has a "reasonable likelihood" to succeed in rolling-out in the 39 states where Comcast operates, mocoNews reports.

In late November we reported that Clearwire had raised an additional $2.8 billion to roll-out its network in new markets. Comcast invested $196 million in that round, only seven percent of the round's total funds, and a fraction of Comcast's initial $1 billion investment

Clearwire hopes to cover 120 million people with its 4G WiMAX network by the end of 2010.

Business model

The Clear Network and PC Tech are qualifying new Authorized Dealerships
to help spread the word and earn sales commissions while doing
it.There is no cost to become a dealer, however we do encourage the
use of the service for demo purposes.

As a Clear authorized Dealer you will be able to offer the services
as well as grow a team of Dealers under you. As you take our
classes you will learn how to offer Clear. You will also learn how
to create, grow and support your team as they go out and offer this
service to others.

You will earn 50% of the commission they earn while offering the


For Example when you sell the Mobile and Home Combo
Package (Pick 2) as a service, you will earn $180.00

If one of your team mates sell that same combo, you will earn


Part Time

If you sold 3 Pick 2's (A Home and Mobile Combo Package) per week =$2,160 per month Your income

If you had 2 team mates match your sales ( 3 Pick 2 per week each)= $2,160 Your income

That is $51,840 Annual Salary


There are only 2 levels…You and Your Team. You can have unlimited team mates.


The type of customers we can sign up as dealers are Non-Profits
like a church and Retailers like coffee shops that offer WiFi.


We also can offer our services to Municipalities like Police
Departments and School Systems. I have even signed up Apartment
Complexes, Rent to Own Stores and Adult Learning Centers.

Each time they buy or offer Clear Wireless Internet Services you will receive commissions.

Competitive advantage

One advantage is we are already up and running with customers coming generating orders. Another is after our research we have found our model to be 3-10 months ahead of curve.

Because of our relationship with our service providers and customers we are able to provide an very fast turn around. Typically within 48 hours. 

Also because most of our work is done online, over phone lines or in person on location so we have very little operational expense. This will allow us to invest any funding toward equipment and expansion of services. 

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