World's Top Brands

World's Top Brands
World's Top Brands, Web 3.0 Social Networking Portal
Beverly Hills, California, United States United States
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Company description
The World’s First Web 3.0 Wiki Style Brand Portal – cool choices, more controls and lots of fun.

Built for the community, this new user-friendly wiki-based portal allows users to add, discuss, read about, vote and comment about their favorite brand. It’s simple to use, quick, entertaining and lots of fun.

This Web 3.0 Wiki Style Portal gives the users enormous advantages. Users have a much greater choice of control over the content, with better, more targeted results. Users have the ability to add various brands, titles, categories and images, and thus giving the information more relevance.

Users to the portal can watch brands being loaded live on the site, as new brands are loaded users can learn about the brand, read, vote and make comments.

This Web 3.0 Portal, called World’s Top Brands is one of many launched by the company Thirty Three Inc. Web 2.0 has started a new Internet craze among many users, and the launch of this Live 3.0 portal is for sure one portal to watch.

Anyone can use the portal to add a brand, a favorite football team, or a local community club.

People are passionate about controlling the choices they have. The web is full of complicated and confusing log-in screens, forms, applications, approvals and user panels, normally specifically controlled and regulated by the site developers.

The creators of this portal have eliminated the complicated and unnecessary forms generally associated with the Internet and hence made a simple but very effective end-user solution.

Business model
Web 2.0 / 3.0 Social Interactive Free Portal