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First of all, we've got a long list of amazing features coming in early 2008. We're really excited to share what we've created with you. So many killer apps - but I won't spoil the suprises!

You can contact us, really us - not a robot, actually us by clicking here.

To understand us, it might be best to explain what goes on around here.. We are unique. We are different. We are weird. -And we love that. Every star here believes that they are in this organization to change the world. To put sparkle in the universe.

We hold our values at the top of our non-existent org chart. These beliefs and commitments to everyone touching the organization are the glue that holds us together.
* We believe we must change the world for the better
* We believe in the abundance mentality
* We live to learn & grow
* We believe in using our own products & services where we can
* We believe that to lead is to serve
* We are relentless in our pursuit of client success
* We believe Integrity is irreplaceable
* We believe in a transcending culture
* We revel in diversity
* We believe we owe each other the truth
* We believe in being absolutely passionate about what we do
* We relish intellectual combat
* We believe in seeking to understand before being understood
* We believe in abandoning ourselves to the strengths of others We know that people are born geniuses with the potential to do amazing things, yet sometimes in life situations can hold us hostage and make transcending very difficult. In working with others we try to help each other succeed through building beautiful interdependent relationships. We commit to abandoning ourselves to the strengths of each other. We believe that we owe each other the TRUTH and that every decision in our lives either builds trust or destroys it. Our relationships and beliefs are more important than any aspect of business that goes on here. As individuals we have rights in the company which are a set of commitments from WhatsOpen to each of us. Every individual at WhatsOpen has the same rights, no matter what area of the organization we are currently working in. Our culture of innovation means we listen to all ideas - regardless of job title or position.

Right to a covenantal relationship: Covenantal relationships enable corporations and institutions to be hospitable to the unusual person and to unusual ideas. Covenantal relationships enable participation to be practiced and inclusive groups to be formed. Covenantal relationships are different from contractual relationships in that they fill deep needs, enable work to have meaning and to be fulfilling.

Right to own this place: Every one of us is part owner of WhatsOpen in that we have the opportunity to exercise stock options equally. Ownership participation is not dependant upon position or role, rather contribution and commitment.

Right to affect ones own destiny: Few elements in the work process are as important to personal dignity as the opportunity to influence our own future. We believe that our future belongs to us.

Right to be needed: Our unique gifts are all indeed needed and this includes a meaningful personal relationship to the organization's goals.

Right to understand: Together, we need to understand the mission and direction of the organization. On an individual basis we all have the right to understand our personal career and growth path.

Right to reach our potential: We need to have the space to grow and mature without limitations or constraints.

Right to our own time: We each exercise 15% of our time at WhatsOpen to work on our own creative ideas, whether they relate to the organization or not. This is our time to invent, learn more, and grow even further.

Every day we work to eliminate the 6 cancers we believe are detrimental to the organization. They include: mediocrity, entropy, techno-latin, oppression, info-hording, and bureaucracy. Key to our effectiveness is our awareness of this evil and our commitment to overcome.

Oh yeah, we can also tell you Whats Open! :)