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The Waterfall solution puts unprecedented power directly into the hands of media owners and marketers with products and campaign tools that allow you to manage and distribute content, expand distribution, increase transactions and analyze subscriber campaigns.
And the best part is the Waterfall solution is less expensive to implement, easier to manage and entirely customizable.

The mobile channel represents the greatest untapped opportunity for generating revenue in business today. Yet the current landscape for mobile marketing inhibits profits by limiting control of distribution, requiring large fixed costs and creating difficulties in managing mobile content sales and subscribers.

Waterfall Mobile has solved these mobile media problems. Our solution — a next generation technology platform and cutting-edge tools — puts the power to manage both the CRM for off-deck interactions with consumers and mobile media distribution and transactions directly into the hands of media owners. And the best part is the Waterfall solution is cheaper, easier and entirely customizable.

The Waterfall Solutions
Content Management: Upload media content, including ringtones, pictures, video clips and games to be used in your mobile campaigns.
Subscriber Management: Build subscriber lists, then manage and track your subscribers' interaction with your campaigns.
Content Distribution: Increase online distribution of your content with easy to implement flash widgets.
Mobile Commerce: Monetize your media content and tap the mobile channel for maximum revenue.
CRM & Analytics: Analyze campaigns with real-time Activity and Revenue reports that can also be exported and plugged into any CRM application.