Wgrids-Wireless Grids
Syracuse, New York, United States United States
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Company description

The company was founded in 2004 and obtained the exclusive license to the key intellectual property from 3 universities by the following summer.

It is dawning upon telecommunication and IT companies that there is a clear need to break out beyond phone and broadband services. People want much more. Wireless Grids offers partner companies an opportunity to deploy next generation services that share phones, cameras, video, sound, photos, documents, games, printers, displays – anything owned by subscribers. The applications are endless. The list of potential clients for Wireless Grids includes carriers, ISPs, home product vendors, those in the enterprise market and end consumers. The visionary behind this company is Dr. Lee McKnight of Syracuse University’s top ranked School of Information Studies. Dr. McKnight has been a key player in the evolution of media products and services since his days at the MIT Media Lab in the 1980s. Dr. McKnight led path breaking research on digital television, multimedia streaming, internet telephony, and wireless grids. Also involved are key people from the Yankee Group, Computer Associates, Aspect Communications, France Telecom/Orange and the Institute for the Future.

Business model