Vintage Graphs LLC
Location: Nashville, Tennessee, United States United States
Founded in: 2007
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Vintage Graphs LLC

More Educated, Less Guess
Nashville, Tennessee, United States United States
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Company description


The world if full of great wines. The world is full of people looking for great wines. Vintage Graphs connects the dots.


Vintage Graphs, LLC is launching a new inventory and customer management system for wine retailers that feature a patent- pending visual illustration of how a wine tastes.  These tools are designed to appeal to average wine consumers and attract them to less familiar and more expensive wines. 


Vintage Graphs' mission is to be the premier wine education and information resource for consumers using our innovative patent pending visual system and to utilize leading edge computer and Internet technology. Additionally, Vintage Graphs aims to change, for the better, how consumers buy and retailers sell and market wine by providing an intelligent suite of products to simplify and revolutionize the wine marketplace.



Build Loyal Customers by Explaining Wine Visually–beyond notes & ratings 

Promote Inventory that is Not Selling Without Lowering Prices 

Feature New or Obscure Wines you want to introduce 

Sell More Wine @ Increased Price Points 

Attract Next Generation of Wine Consumers with hand-held technology 

Effective in Wine Stores and Essential for Grocery Stores – 86% of consumers 

surveyed said they would pay more for a wine with a vintage graph label. Think 

of Vintage Graphs as your silent sales partner. 

VintageGraphs’ mission is to demystify wine by: 

1.)  Distillinga sommelier’s complex analysis of wine into an easily understood visual illustration,

2.)   Educating consumers about their personalwine preferences through an intuitive visual graph,

3.)  Matching informed buyers with great wines they will like as they interact with Vintage Graphs’ productsand website. 

Wine consumers will use a vintage graph to understand the flavors and characteristics of wines and be able to clearly articulate their personal preferences for future purchases.

Using our patent pending technology the worldwide wine industry will use our products as a more personalized way to buyand sell wine, delivering more return on investment for labeling, marketing,and e-commerce thereby transforming Vintage Graphs into an industry standard and a billion-dollar enterprise.