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The Vinogram™’s 12 flavor and aroma criteria are a revolutionary promotion tool for your wines. The intuitive visual aspect is quickly and easily understood, breaking language barriers. If you are looking to export increase sales, you’ve got a new secret weapon. Learn more

Internet Presence and Advertising

Exporting your wine has become an obvious necessity. But the big question remains. How do you get buyers and consumers abroad to see yourproducts? We provide visibility with our innovative communication, presentation and GPS tools.

Business model

The Vinogram™ appeals to two tiers of customers, winemaking or distributor professionals and also consumers.


Familiarity and education are absolutely necessary for a consumer to adopt a product.  This is the angle we take.  We want to help the buyer get to know his or her wine tastes in a fun and exciting way.


For the consumer, the Vinogram™ has its place in two of the three principle sectors; enthusiastic aficionados who are looking for new wines and basic consumers who are looking for a good price/quality ratio.



 Wine professionals need to look to new markets and the Vinogram™ plays the role of a "Wine Passport" for those who feel that exporting is an unavoidable.


As a product of mass consumption, the Vinogram makes wine more accessible to anybody.  Its technological aspect rejuvenates your brand and makes it more understandable, especially abroad.  The Vinogram™ offers a solution to consumers who need more information when making a purchase.


Lastly, personal Vinogram Decoder Cards™ offeran extra advertising medium that can be precisely aimed at target consumers.  Consumer habits, country and region, consumer profile, and many other parameters for creating an ad campaign are only a few examples.



 This novel concept provides a better alternative to conventional wisdom.  It's a simple and efficient solution for inserting your wine into an international or a new domestic market.


The Vinogram™ works in conjunction with our on-line wine community.   It's a visual tool that simplifies information exchange between users.  A consumer can quickly become a sommelier.

Competitive advantage is available in English, French, Chinese, Polish and Russian with more langagues to come.


Vinobilia references over 35,000 wineries all over the world.