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Venture Farm
Angel group or VC
Irvine, California, United States United States
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Company description

Venture Farm is a funding and execution entity.

We are focused on delivering value to entrepreneurs and early stage companies through direct investments and execution assistance.


Venture Farm has multiple closely aligned constituents. We aim to deliver the following targeted values to each of our success partners.

.     In addition to hard to find seed funding, Venture Farm offers portfolio companies a wide range of capabilities and the execution intensity paramount to their future success.

.     Series-I Investors are offered an opportunity with built in sustainability and reduced risk - short term & longer term exits plus value driven management fees.

.     Angel investors are offered an opportunity to invest in portfolio companies that have gained reasonable traction – offering increased confidence while still participating in very early stage opportunities.

.     Through providing expertise to Venture Farm deals, angel experts are offered an avenue to be compensated for their expertise.

.     Venture Capital firms are offered a non-competing venture partner that is focused on identifying & addressing “execution” and “value proposition” challenges early in the process.

.     Expert Affiliates are the primary non-investor partners for service provision and sources of opportunities.

.     The VC’s and the Angel Network affiliates will get to recognize opportunities at an earlier stage and at a partially discounted valuation; in return they are consulted about the portfolio companies and their direction. 

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