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Company description

Meet Vayyoo.  

Vayyoo is simplifying the way people and businesses use wireless mobility to make everyday operations more efficient and effective. 

Vayyoo takes the powerful capabilities of smart phones, including pictures, video, text, GPS-location, and voice, and integrates them into a single, organized application. 

Complicated operations are simplified to seconds and single clicks. Organizations of all sizes can now take advantage of on-location information from mobile users to improve agility and efficiency. 

Vayyoo customers achieve commercial success through increased mobility, information convergence, and reduced operating costs. 

Systems Integrators and OEMs can integrate Vayyoo technology to revolutionize offerings through mobile data capture and convergence.  

Vayyoo solutions enable all mobile users to capture and share their experiences with pictures, video, text, and voice in an organized and unified package; optionally stamped with location.  

In seconds, users can send context-rich (location and multimedia) information anywhere, anytime, toanyone. 

Our focus is enhancing the mobile user experience, for personal and business use, by making life on mobile simple, yet powerful.  



Business model

Vayyoo is a product & services hybrid company. We sell turn-key solutions and also provide customized services.  

Vayyoo has a consumer-focused partnership with WickidApps to supply simplified versions of the Vayyoo platform to the growing consumer market. 

We are working with international and domestic mobile carriers towards large deployments. 

We are to begin launching mobile solutions that create recurring revenue flows. 

Competitive advantage

Vayyoo is a leader in the growing 3rd Party BlackBerry Development market.  Our technology platform has been developed over 3 years and contains some of the best BlackBerry work to-date.