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Company description

Urban Planet Mobile is an innovative content development and delivery company providing high quality educational and informational content worldwide. Through creating our products from the ground up for mobile delivery, we’ve built a line deliverable to just about any mobile phone with any mobile provider anywhere in the world.  In this way, Urban Planet Mobile brings timely information and top quality education to people everywhere.  

Our products range from basic text only to text with audio through download or IVR solution, to slide shows, videos, and games.

Our markets are English learners around the world, public and private educational institutions, governments, associations, and organizations requiring specialized education and information content development and delivery.

We are a company committed to affordable and accessible education and information for all people, anytime and anywhere. By delivering digitally, we aren’t reliant on petroleum based CDs/DVDs, physical packaging, and don’t require people to buy additional technology devices or upgrade from devices they already own.

    • Products include English language learning for the 1.4 billion people worldwide actively learning English. These products are available in audio only for 95% of mobile phones worldwide and also with animation for the burgeoning smart phone market.
    • SAT, GRE, and other standardized testing learning programs to build vocabulary.
    • Travelingo, short audio and text lessons for the traveler wanting to pick up useful phrases for dining out, shopping, transportation, and such. Lessons are available in 10 of the most popular languages currently.

Urban English™ is the only English language learning product built specifically for delivery via the mobile platform.

Urban English™ is 450 audio English language lessons available for 11 languages, delivered via the mobile platform. The lessons are presented in English only. Research in language acquisition has shown that listening to the language without direct translation generally leads to more active engagement, which in turn is associated with increased comprehension on behalf of the student. Learn more about the pedagogy behind the development of the product here.

Urban English™ is real English, the kind of English used daily in real conversation. The products are word of the day vocabulary building lessons, phrase of the day idiom learning lessons, and comprehension conversations available in business and social categories.

The products are available through a subscription model with delivery options including delivery of the word of the day, phrase of the day, and conversations as a group or as independent lines.

Urban English™ reaches the most people because of mobile delivery. The lessons are equivalent to a ring tone file size. This makes delivery via mobile incredibly simple since the technology already exists. Even the most basic phones can receive the Urban English™ products.


Business model

Imagine wanting to learn a new language.  Now imagine your mobile device serving as a teaching aid to help you learn that new language.  Imagine wanting to improve your score on the SAT/GRE. Now imagine your mobile device providing the lessons you need and want. Imagine traveling to another country and wanting to say something in the native language. Now imagine your mobile phone guiding you.  In short, imagine the mobile device being the conduit for learning.  

Overlay this with the demand world-wide to learn English and the fact that in other countries the mobile device is the personal computer.  Urban Planet Mobile does all of this by leveraging many alike, proven technologies in m-commerce and combining these technologies with original, made for mobile content.  

Urban Planet has already developed three significant lines: Urban English – English language learning lessons for both Social and Business available in 11 languages, SAT, GRE, and TOEFL vocabulary lines, and Travelingo – a line teaching travel phrases to English speakers available in 10 languages.

The e-commerce site is active and tested. The marketing sites for SAT Remix and Travelingo are in final testing stages. Initial market surveys have been conducted and pilots introduced. Distribution technology has been acquired, customized, and tested to deliver the lessons.

Competitive advantage

The Urban Planet Mobile line of products is all developed from inception for mobile delivery. We have the largest library of English language learning content built for the mobile phone market and reach up to 95% of mobile phones in the marketplace. 


The Urban Planet Mobile products are extremely scalable. The 450 English language learning lessons, developed by a Harvard linguist in association with an ESL curriculum development professional, are immersion style, the learning endorsed and supported by English language teachers and organizations worldwide as being most effective. This means the lessons themselves are in English. The sole translation is for the introductions and the tags to build company identity. This allows the company to quickly expand the library exponentially for more markets. Furthermore, each lesson is available as audio only while also being paired with animation to reach the growing smart phone market. The animation is culture and language neutral, allowing the same animation to be used worldwide. 


Urban Planet Mobile is able to deliver the product directly to the consumer as well as work in partnership with content aggregators, distributors, and mobile carriers. 


The process for the development of the language lessons, particularly the TOEFL, SAT, and GRE products has a provisional patent in place.